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Hello!! My name is Sachin Bhargava and I am a financial professional with many years of banking experience. I am a numbers guy by day and tech enthusiast by night. SaveProfits is place to find ways to help people make and save money. I would like for my readers to use SaveProfits as a source to create and manage wealth to achieve their financial goals. In my free time, I enjoy watching cooking videos, (I am a foodie at heart) gaming, being a tech enthusiast and as always crunching number while exploring tech deals that help me SaveProfits. Thank you for visiting my blog. Now let’s get rolling and start to SaveProfits…)

5 Mistakes Millennial Makes Managing their Money

Millennial’s often waste money every day. They lack the art of mindfulness and self-discipline to manage money effectively. Money gets spent on unnecessary purchases such as branded clothes and expensive electronic gadgets that lose value with time. Living within your…

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