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Hello!! My name is Sachin Bhargava and I am a financial professional with many years of banking experience. I am a numbers guy by day and tech enthusiast by night. SaveProfits is place to find ways to help people make and save money. I would like for my readers to use SaveProfits as a source to create and manage wealth to achieve their financial goals. In my free time, I enjoy watching cooking videos, (I am a foodie at heart) gaming, being a tech enthusiast and as always crunching number while exploring tech deals that help me SaveProfits. Thank you for visiting my blog. Now let’s get rolling and start to SaveProfits…)

The Anatomy of a Gift Card Scam

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, indeed, but be careful, it’s also a season for holiday scams wherein fraudsters are looking for the opportune moment to scam you by indulging you in buying a gift card for…

Assessing the Financial Strength | An Example

To accurately assess your financial strength, one must have a basic understanding of accounting financial statements and more importantly, financial ratios. Financial ratios are numerical analysis of simplifying a process of evaluating your financial condition. Let’s take an example of…

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