3 Corrective measures for debt related illness

In the current scenario, the world is facing an economic depression. So it is not unusual if you are suffering from a personal depression due to your troubled financial conditions. Have a look at the three primary financial problems people are facing today and how to emotionally cope with them.

Your income has been slash:

No matter in whatever profession you are currently in, a possibility of a global economic slowdown is hovering over us. The financial condition of the USA too is not so optimistic. If the situation continues, your boss may tell you to work with a reduced salary. In this situation, you are clueless about how you can repay all your debts with this reduced income. This mental pressure on your head is giving birth to your depression and all other mental illnesses.


Unable to find wise financial guidance:

Not only your reduced income, the lack of proper guidance in financial matters, can make your life stressful too. You did not have any adequate idea of how much to save for the future and how much money should we invest in the money market. So, it is reasonable to make a mess of everything. Some financial expert’s advice can ruin you. You may lose a considerable amount of money in the money market. The situation can be unfortunate enough to make you completely depressed.


Your increasing debts are making you anxious:

The second and third point are closely interrelated. Due to lack of proper financial guidance, your tendency of spending more than required has made you more prone to debts. Acquiring debts is easy but making multiple payments is quite tricky. By obtaining one debt after another, you are entrapping yourself more into debts. Then the ballooning billing statement can make you angry and depressed.


Mental illness that is bothering you for your troubled financial conditions:


Stress: The current instability in the financial sector may create a panic like situation in our mind. If yes, then you are probably living in a highly dangerous position that a small mistake means you will be dismissed from office. This anxiety creates panic, and from the fear, you are getting stressed. The recent stress-related survey says 72% of Americans are deeply confirmed with monetary problems.


Uncontrollable Anger: The stress is pushing more and more people towards the anger management program. Concerned about the increasing number of people suffering from a debt-related mental disorder, the US Govt. medical survey has given a new name to it, ‘Debt related anger syndrome.’


Depression: This is the last but not the least of money related to mental sufferings. Research says people who tend to struggle with debt are more inclined to depression. Your self-esteem will below. You will feel hopelessness within you. The more desperate you are to get out of depression, it will grip you more. From your desperateness, you may acquire more debt to buy a moment’s happiness, and the results are your outstanding ballooning balance.


What are the remedies that you can apply to be out from this worse situation?


Create an emergency fund – Your faithful partner in distress:

You never know when you have to acquire debt due to an emergency. But, if you have an emergency fund, you can use it and tackle your urgency for the time being. Therefore, create an emergency fund and deposit an amount every month. Doing so, you can avoid credit card debt most of the time.


While talking about this, let me also tell you that you need to manage your credit wisely. Try to repay your credit card balances at every billing cycle.


Lead an economic life – Start saving:

Till now, you may have lived paycheck to paycheck life. It is not a standard way of living. Try to live a frugal life to manage your money and save a decent amount every month. From now on, try to keep a substantial amount every month.


The benefits are when you aren’t able to earn on your own; these savings will pay the household rent and your medical bills. You don’t have to take debt for that reason then.


Shrug off your depression – Be creative:

Let’s leave the formal discussion here and start a friendly conversation. A man’s life is not only about finance and money. Reproduction means something much more than that. So, at first, get help with credit card debt and become debt-free. Then, shrug off all your past financial worries and try something new.


For example, you can start finding a part-time job, or you can brainstorm ideas for some new venture. Always remember if you sit idle, your depression will kill you more. It is better to be creative and start something new.


The present-day troublesome financial condition is making mental illness more fatal than the physical one. The only objective of the article is supporting you in the struggle against debt-related disease and helping you lead a happy peaceful life.

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